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Sorry, we are still working with the translations. In English you can only read the files with English. All the other tops are linked with the german pages. To return to the English System you will find the English at several places, surely in the OverviewOverview or the Indexalphabetischer Index which are availabel at every page.


Abitur speeches by Alfred Blohm, by Tobias Aust maturity, school, and beyond
Actions trips, choir, extracurricular activities, and other stuff
A-levels at the Johanneum.
Algebraic Curves project in Year 8 with DGS
Art Artistic ambitions at the Johanneum

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Balloons an interesting pupils' project
BaskervilleThe Dog of ~ pupils' reports on interdiscplinary lessons
Bed bug, From a ~'s life creative work, an esssay from year 7
Biology .

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Cat, "Me as a cat" creative pupils' work, essay from year 7
CAS Computer algebra systems
Chaos and fractals detailed pages concerned about lessons containing explenations, pictures, work sheets and tips
Chemistry lessons, the gas chromatograph
Choir singing in the Johanneum
Chronicles from 1406 until today; more than 590 years Johanneum
Clamart Partnertown close to Paris
Colour theory colour systems, applications to computers and photography
Competition mathematics competition
Computers in Latin lessons General information and hints
Computer sciencek Computers: are they to be our futures, or nothing but a wawste of time?
Contacts contacts to partner schools

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"Degenerated Art" big project involving two forms and four subjects
Derive mathematical program, computer algebra system, we have been using since 1989
Dynamic geometrical systems, DGS new opportunities for geometry lessons

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E-mail addresses of former pupils messages and greetings
Energy management we do a lot to save energy
England contacts with Scunthorpe
English lessons
Environment we try to do our most to help the environment
Euclides Dynamic Geometry System, DGS
EURO our own EURO project
Exchange programs with England and France
EXPO Committee and EXPO team slide show on our work up to December 98
EXPO Project First PageEnglish our big plans for entering the 21st century
EXPO SchoolEnglish we have been an EXPO school since November 1997
Extracurricular activities Going to school voluntarily - is that possible???

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Forrest Running Conmpetition takes place annualy
Fractals detailed pages concerned about lessons containing explenations, pictures, work sheets and tips
France Contacts with Clamart
French .
Friends of the Johanneum Association good thing that we have theAssociation of the Johanneum's Friends and Supporters!


Galery samples of the pupils' artworks
Galery of fractals pictures and explanations on many "way fractals"
Genetic engineering project by a biology A-Level group
Geneva report from the German school
Geography lessons and field trip to the moors
Geometry computer-aided geometry
German Various suggestions and projects
Gorleben 2000   the radioactice waste deposit in Gorleben is "just round the corner", project by an 11th form
Greek the subject: classical Greek


Hardware the state of the art
Help for authors how to contribute to our pages
Historical grammar lesson play of a historical Latin lesson (approx. 1550)
History history lessons
"Homo Faber", Max Frisch Project by an 11th form

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The Johanneum's history having been founded in 1406, the Johanneum is more than 590 years old
John the Baptist Patron of the Johannis Church and of our school
"Jugend Forscht" Pupils' discoveries and studies


Kafka a German class' big project
"Das Kalte Herz", W. Hauff project year7 German and Art: "A book of fairy tales for first readers"
Krakau Partner school in Poland

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Latin many tips and suggestions
Links on mathematics
compilation of some general links. Apart from that some subjects offer own lists.
Luhmann Niklas Luhmann, famous sociologist passed his Abitur examination at the Johanneum in 1944

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Mathematics A "stronf branch" in our tree
Meyer-Abich Lecture held by Gerd Glombik on Meyer-Abich's nature philosophy
Moderation methods explanations on one example
The Moor, trip to the ~ Project orientated school trips
Music .

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Nature and environment in the English lessons a bilingual project
Nature philosophy Lecture held by Gerd Glombik on Meyer-Abich's nature philosophy
Nature Project Nature as an invention of man, plans for the EXPO 2000
News Any news at the "Jojo"?


Old scholars informationen and e-mails
Old Scholars' meeting contacting the organisation
Oscillations and waves areas of the physics lessons

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Particle model the particle model, an invention of man
Partner school good contacts to other countries
Partner towns Lüneburgs partner town
Parzival interdisciplinary lessons German-Art
Photography we have a big and well-equipped photographic laboratory
Physics lessons
Post, e-mail and web addressesEnglish your message can reach us in these ways
Pupils Homepages and e-mails

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Religion evangelic and catholic lessons in religious studies and ethics
RiemannEnglish,lecture on Bernhard Riemann great mathematician, passed his Abitur examination 150 years ago at the Johanneum
The Romans' environmental problems wide collection of classical authors' texts, including translations
Rubicappula, Red Riding Hood Latin - English play


The school's development our efforts on this important topic, examples from a slightlya changed lesson
School trips where do the forms go?
Scunthorpe partner school in England
searching in the Internet tips on searching and addresses in the web
Slide show organisational structure and working procedure of our EXPO team
Sports staying fit at the Johanneum
The staff .
Statistics, assessing .. pleading for a neglected subject
Subjects What subjects are taught? (First page)


"Todesfuge" (The Death Fugue) poem by Celan, German A-level class
Trips where does the sixth form go?

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Waste separation croject: The modern school. A clean idea.
Web service helps on navigation and explanations on our website's structure
Weekly work, ~ in Latin et.al. general thoughts and tips
Weekly work on an example concrete suggestion for Latin in year 7

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ZiSch "Newspaper in the school" project with the Landeszeitung (local newspaper)

The abilities and possibillities of the index are growing continually, while it is still far from being perfect. We are still looking for persons to support us in our work.

Tranlated by Rosa Lou Freund, stud. math., Abi 97

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