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up-to-date Addresses of the Johanneum

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mail address Gymnasium Johanneum
Theodor-Heuss-Str. 1
D-21337 Lüneburg
phone / fax phone: 04131  86270         fax:  04131  862799  
With Germany call dial: 0049 4131 86270
website online        fernhttp://www.johanneum-lueneburg.de
email addresses of the Johanneum

Stop using: info_at_johanneum-lueneburg.de.  It's for spammer only!

for contacts with Secretary of the Johanneum

This is available for all contacts, in case you find no other partner with email. Messages will be passed forward.
email addresses of the teachers

Site of the teachers
Mail Haftendorn
Dr. Dörte Haftendorn,  responsible for the website of the Johanneum, direction of mathematics, (until 2002) own website 
Mail D.Boehm
Dieter Böhm, responsible for care of the environment and for the hardware of our computers.
own website
rw.gif 240x40
Fred Radewaldt, Oberstufen-Koordinator
mue.gif 240x20
  Gisela Müller, direction Deutsch, member of the dokumentation team
ude.gif 240x20
Adelheid Ude, direction English
responsible for the Comenius-Project

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