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Johanneum Lüneburg

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Instruction offered

The Johanneum Gymnasium in Lüneburg was founded in 1406 as a Latin School for the sons of the citizens. As a matter of fact, there are being taught, apart from Latin and Greek, modern languages, too, such as English, French, Spanish (in study groups), German, and then mathematics, natural sciences as well as the sociological subjects, nowadays.

Since 1998 the subjects fine arts and music have been supplemented by "play acting" in school-level II (students aged 16 to 18).

International Contacts

Coeducation has been introduced long since. Today there are about 60 qualified teachers and some 670 students. A regular school exchange is carried on with twin schools in England, France, Poland, Sweden and the Johanneum often welcomes teachers and students from different countries.

Stimulation of Interests

In addition to regular instruction, there are various study groups dealing with sports, fine arts and music. For years, the "Youth-Research-Group" has been particularly successful (physics, biology, chemistry, technology).

Out-of-school Activities

Apart from teaching, the school's image is made up by its help in orientation, when the student decides for a career, by effective strategies in energy-saving and other environmental initiatives taken by girls and boys, e.g. reduction and separation of waste. An enterprising sponsering group of former students furthers instruction as well as school life in material and idealistic ways.

The Johanneum as EXPO-School

Nature as an Invention of Man

In 1997 the Johanneum took part in the EXPO 2000 contest

"What kind of school is needed by our future world?"

It has been chosen as one of 28 EXPO-schools in Lower Saxony.

The Johanneum's program is related to the EXPO motto

"Mankind - Nature - Technology"

and is titled: Nature as an Invention of Man. There is the idea behind it that mankind not only finds itself surrounded by crude nature but does invent it at the same time in many different modes i.e. as God's creation, as living organism, as raw material, capital and so on.

The people of developed industrial societies live at the cost of thirds: nature, the Third World, coming generations. There will be a change of attitude of mind no sooner than mankind comprehends that it belongs to nature and develops needs which are in compliance with a solidary "being with" all living creatures.


As educational institution our contribution is intended to be an instruction which

  • shows up the relationship of man to nature in its complexity along the epochs, areas of the world, and sciences,
  • arouses a sense for alternatives to the previous invention of nature,
  • furthers responsibility on one's own and the students' cooperation,
  • transcends the limits of separate subjects.
In a specific way, this is to convey

  • an enrichments of teaching methods and contents
  • the realization of instructional methods, which in some cases cross subject bounderies,
  • the ecological and artistic transformation of parts of the school's building and grounds,
  • a series of scientific lectures given by former students of the Johanneum,
  • joint projects along with foreign twin schools,
  • a pedagogic congress in cooperation with the University of Lüneburg,,
  • working out a binding "charta" for all groups taking part in school life,
  • a basic training of info-technology for all students as well as an improved outfit with computers and other modern media,
  • variegated documentation including a CD-ROM and a website of the Johanneum.

Being Planned

In 2000 we shall invite our twin schools to an international workshop with the motto:
"Water connects us and separates us".


The new culture of learning, which the EXPO project has started upon, will not be finished in 2000, when the world fair takes place, but will be carried on in an educational program.

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Johanneum Lüneburg

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Alternatively you can read:
Introduction to the school and the project
Extended versionEnglish

Playing lead role in major project
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