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Alternative Forms of Energy

deutschFormen alternativer Energien

fossilized fuel warmth-energy-coupling heat-pump
solar-energy waterenergy wind-energy
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fossilized fuels

Fossilezed Fuels are coal, oil and natural gas. They are products of organic rests, which were changed to fossilized fuels in 300 million years. Oil is the product of superl of animals, which lay on the ground of the sea. While they have changed they build natural gas, too.

The problem of fossilized fuels is the discharge of carbon dioxid. This discharge can be minimized when you use warmth-energy-coupling.


At the warmth-energy-coupling fossilized fuels heat up water, and the steam powered some turbines. It´s the same system like in niclear-power-stations, only the fuel is different.

3 systems to use warmth-energy-coupling:

Example power-station Flensburg:

1978 were 20,8 % of the primary energy used as electric energy and 40,5 % as district heating. The effectiveness was 61 %. Flensburg saved in that year 284550000 kWh.

The problem: the carbon dioxid discharge is lower, but still there.

heat pump

In the environment (air, water, soil) or in sewages is quite a lot of warmth with a low and so for us useless temperature. Of these masses of warmth can be recover warmth with higher temperature. It´s the principle of a fridge: at the fridge the inroom is getting of the warmth to the outroom, at the heatpump the principle is reversed.

Heat pumps are used as a heatings in houses or to warm up a pool.

Solar energy

Solarenergy is the biggest energy on the world. Every day the sun gives us energy greater than the 15000 point of the whole energy consumption.

This energy of the sun can be used in different ways:


Advantages of the use of waterpower

The effectiveness of turbines in a waterpowerstation is nearly 85 %, but only 8 % of the energy requirement of Germany can be covered.


Two percent of the radiation of the sun on the earth will changed in kinetical energy.

The different radiations of the sun make air pressure differences. These differences will even out by the wind.

Earthrotation makes that the wind goes in the north at the right and in the south at the left. It is called the power of Corriolis.

wind energy plans can be used:

The power of a wind energy plan depends on these factors:

The possible typ of a wind energy plan must choose according to the relation of the wind. Not every typ of wind energy plans give the most effectiveness.

deutsch Formen alternativer Energien

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