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deutsch Zeit zu handeln?

In 1991 the world produced 10,7 Mrd. kWh of electricity. This is 5% less then in 1990.

Only 25% of this electricity was made by natural gas, wind, or other alternative forms of energy.

So everyone can obviously see, that it is not possible to switch off all other power stations because three in four people couldn`t use any electricity.

So it is necessary that politicians let the alternative forms of energy being attractive and that they do prescribtions which says that everyone has to save energy.

When is it possible to use only alternative forms of energy ?

With the technology we have got today it is immpossible to use just alternative forms of energy. Even if we switch off all nuclear power stations we would have to get 2 Mrd. kWh of electricity with water, wind or natural gas, and there`s the problem: Energy of water destroys the rivers; energy of wind is to loud for the people and the ressources of natural gas are restricted.

So we have to wait until the science has found out new and effective forms of energyand we all have to use electricity carefully because the people in Africa also want to watch TV and use a refrigerator.

So the withdrawal of nuclear power worldwide will not happen before 2015 and the withdrawal of all dirty and dangerous forms of energy will not happen before 2050. But these dates are only estimations, technologies like penicillin were only discovered by chance. So it is possible but unlikely that tomorrow we use a new and clean form of energy.

Nuclear power or alternative energy ?

In people`s case nuclear power is the most comfortable and cheapest form of getting energy today. But it`s clear that this kind of producing energy isn`t meaningful for our nature awareness.

On the basis of this situation more and more people think that it`s necessary to change this way of generation of energy to the alternative forms of energy which are water-, wind- or solar energy for example.

Otherwise there would be produced too much nuclear garbage which can`t be recycled and would be a danger for human beings.

But this rearrangement would take up time and it would cost a lot of money to introduce enough new alternative energy stations. It`s also a problem to get enough energy to supply each country because of the high life – sandard which need too much energy, especially in the industrial countries. The location of the alternative energy stations would also be a problem because of the different geographical conditions of each country.

The alternative energy would be more expensive particuarly for the endconsumer who have to pay for it.

deutsch Zeit zu handeln?

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