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Die Natur als Erfindung des Menschen
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Some facts

The Indians had nearly 300 different languages and there were big differencs in clothing and costums. The first time Indians and spanish people met was in 1513. The Spanish forced the Indians to become Christs and they treated them li ke slaverys. Between 1681 and 1692 the Indians were independent because in 1680 the Pueblos fought for their independence.

The white people paid things with alcohol, ,tabac and weapons. As the Indians wanted to have more of those things and the didn´t get the things, they stole the things they want. Thats a reason why white people dislike Indians. In 1636, 500 had to die, because they had maybe killed two "White men".

More and more settlers came and the many Indians were killed, because the settlers saw a menace in the Indians.

Indian cuture

The Indians believe, that the universe is governed by a high power and everybody is able to get connections with the magic of the nature by doing special rituals. All animals, plants, the wind, the moon, the stars, the hole nature have got spiritual forces.

Hunted animals are put on holy graveyards and they never kill more animals than necessary.

The Schamans of the Indians are no simple medicine men. They can see the future with bones the weather and other things. The can get into trance and talk with the animalspirits.


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