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Die Natur als Erfindung des Menschen
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Informations about earthprotection

deutschInformationen zum Umweltschutz

Avoid products with unecessary big packings

Buy only fresh fruits and vegetables

Don´t use nonreturnable packings

Divorce your waste in green point, bottles, waste paper, biological waste and rest waste

Recognize that the protection of the enviroment begins already in the house-hold

Think at the following generations

Take only showers, no baths

Don´t wash your car yourself

Bring toxic-waste to special recycling places

Ride your bicycle

To be continued

Protection of marine enviroments:

  1. If you want to protect an enviroment you have to stop supporting it destruction.
  2. The access to resources should be limited.
  3. Resources should be put into private where possible, because people are more responsible to their own proberty.
  4. Central goverment should give power to local authories to manage their part of the coast.
  5. People should be made to get to look after themselves.
  6. Reserves should be set up to ptotect important habitat.
  7. The purpose of managing coastel water is not to keep them in a "natural" state. Management should make altered areas more useful.
  8. Policy cannot recreate an untouched marine enviroment, but the task is conservation.

deutschInformation about earthprotection

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