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The Teachers Remarks

Nature and Environment
A project in the English classes of the 11th form

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The projectís aims



The presentation of the results



In 1997/98 the project "Nature and Environment" was planned and realized in the English lessons of the 11th form. This project was related to the corresponding unit of the textbook "Skyline. Edition B" published by Klett, which was used in this class.

The project was realized in six lessons, another four lessons were needed for the presentation of the results and evaluation.

The projectís aims:

One major aim of this project was to work more thoroughly on the topics presented in the textbook than it would have been possible by a traditional approach.

Apart from that the students had the chance to gain some more experience in teamwork and to develop interesting varieties how to present the results of their work. These abilities are regarded as an important prerequisite for the work in the more advanced classes.



The realization of this project was influenced by one major problem: In order to work successfully on their topic the students had to work out the necessary vocabulary for themselves which turned out to be difficult. Apart from that they had to copy and to explain it to the rest of the class because it was needed for the presentation.

Because of this difficulty some of the papers the students handed out contained imprecise information which sometimes led to mistakes regarding the contents.



Starting from the unit in the books the students collected topics they wanted to work on at first, then they formed teams of four or five.

The topics:


At the beginning of their work the teams had to focus their attention on the main topic they wanted to deal with. For some students this task was difficult to cope with because they did not have enough information about their topic. Consequently collecting the appropriate information was the next step. In the course of their work the teams made use of the internet, the school library and the town libraray.

While working the students wrote a short report about their work in which they also stated the allocation of resonsibilities for the next lesson.

At the end of each lesson the teams reported briefly about their work, the difficulities they had faced and the next steps they planned.

Even though I had structured the work strictly beforehand the teams repeatedly faced troubles and conflict situations within the groups because some members of the teams turned out to be more reliable than others.

This experience made us formulate a set of rules for teamwork after the evaluation of this project.


The presentation of the results

As mentioned before the presentation played an important role in this project, and the students had quite a number of interesting ideas:



Some teams suceeded in presenting their results others failed more or less. A reason for this might be that the topic was too demanding for some students; less complete topics would have been helpful. The general impression I got was that the topic was not appropriate for the 11th form due to the fact that it contained certain difficulities concerning language and contents. Nevertheless it seemed to be attractive because it is so closely related to the schoolís project for the World Exposition. Working together with other subjects for example Geography or a stronger reference to regional issues would be useful.

As far as successful teamwork is concerned the students reflected their behaviour and drew important conclusions for their work in future.

deutschMethodische Überlegungen

obenAutoren: Klasse 11-3 (97/98), teacher Christine Hartmann, Web: Mathias Schönmann  Datum: Juli 98. Last update am 21. April 2000
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