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Playing lead role in major project

Students of A-level German at John Leggot College will be among the first in the country to visit Germany in the new Millennium when the long-established exchange link with the college’s partner school in Lüneburg goes ahead in February 2000.

Students of the language will have the unique opportunity of seeing how an international project for the millennium, in which they will be playing a major role, is developing, while at the same time discovering the beautiful and historic town of Lüneburg and forging cultural and personal links with their German partners and families. The chance for the college and ist students to play a leading role in the project has come about as a result of the Johanneum Grammar School in Lüneburg being honoured with the title of "EXPO School", a title bestowed on only a few such institutions in Germany. The Johanneum has had links with John Leggot since 1963 when a pupil exchange scheme was established, The link still thrives today and gives A-level students of German, together with pupils from Frederick Gough and Thomas Sumpter Schools, the opportunity to extend their linguistic knowledge in a practical way.

In order to become an "EXPO School" the Johanneum has had to submit a project theme which it wishes to develop in a number of ways, both educational and environmental. The project theme chosen was "Die Natur als Erfindung des Menschen", or "Nature as an Invention of Man", The project takes as its premise the idea that human beings regard nature in many different ways: as a living organism ("Mother Nature"), as a creation of God, and as a mechanism which can be researched and controlled. Nature can further be seen as a source of raw materials and capital. Working from this basis the project aims to look at ways in which humans use nature; how they exploit nature to the detriment of other creatures, other human beings and future generations, and how they often regard nature as a part of a world which surrounds them and not necessarily as a part of their own world.

John Leggot College is to play a leading role in the project as the Johanneum has sought to establish an international dimension for the project through inclusion of its partner institutions in England, Sweden, France and Poland.

It is hoped that discussions will take place in Lüneburg in September of this year with representatives of the institutions meeting together, after which students will work on joint projects, the results of which will be on display to a large international audience of up to 40 million visitors of the prestigious EXPO 2000 World Exhibition which will take place in Hannover, Germany for 153 days from June 1 to October 31, 2000 and will include contributions by over 180 countries. The event reflects Germany’s importance as a leading trading nation and those studying the language will have an important part to play in developing the project.

In so doing they will be able to make full use of the resources available to them at the college; satellite TV will allow them to keep up to date with the EXPO event, videos and resource files will help project development, while the college’s new Information Technology Centre will play a key part in allowing students to access vital information via the Internet and to communicate using the e-mail facility with the participants involved in the project in other European countries.

It is envisaged that students will work on the development of a web-site for the project so that progress may be viewed by a larger public and in the future video conferencing may allow students to communicate directly with their counterparts in the other European countries. Although there ist still much work to be done, students of A-level German will soon be involved in exciting times at the Johanneum Grammar School in Lüneburg.

Printed and Published by Grimsby and Scunthorpe Newspapers

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